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Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber structures according to the latest versions of Eurocodes (EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC5 and EC8), North American (ACI / AISC) codes and Canadian codes (A23.3, S16).

Advance Design features include easy modeling, a powerful FEM analysis engine, top-level design wizards, automated post-processing of results and automated detailed reports. Achieve a new level of computer-assisted engineering with Advance Design!

Advance Design boasts a user-friendly interface, characterized by:

  • Advanced options for workspace customization
  • Possibility to dock and undock the different environment components using docking guides
  • Possibility to display, hide and auto-hide options for the interface components
  • Enhanced icon caption readability
This interactive demo describes the main user interface objects. Moving the mouse over a red context-sensitive box will display a description of the corresponding feature.


Structural BIM process: GRAITEC software interoperability and integration

Advance Design is part of the GRAITEC Advance software suite and is integrated in a BIM process dedicated to structure design. It also supports model import, export or synchronization with Autodesk Revit®. Using Advance Design, you can also store multiple sets of finite element results within the same model, which will allow you to design certain elements using the Advance BIM Designers, as well as to set up a real effective and secure BIM process.

The GRAITEC BIM Connect plugin supports intelligent model-integration utilizing native products objects or families, thereby seamlessly aligning Revit's descriptive model with its counterpart analytical model in GRAITEC Advance Design or Arche, and corresponding detailed model for bidirectional model sharing and supporting the transfer of analytical data to Revit. It allows model synchronization (retaining the model integrity during design), import/export with main industry recognized formats, fast new material mapping and analysis loads transfer.

Fast and easy modeling

Advance Design has a complete library of structural elements, supports and loads. These easily customizable elements adapt to all situations: numerical eccentricities, braces, ties with initial prestressing, etc. The CAD has advanced functions and remains easy to use:

  • Levels concept: input a column in a single click, draw a wall in two clicks
  • Property templates on linear and planar elements
  • Elements snap points enable different actions:
    stretch, trim or extend, copy, move, etc.
  • Multiple viewports use enables simultaneous work in several viewpoints and visualization modes
  • Command line functions and script saving functionalities
  • Elements display mode as "linear contour", "hidden faces" or "realistic rendering"
  • Ability to input elements in a 2D workplane or in a user defined coordinate system (Cartesian or polar)
  • BIM Center toolbar for import-export-synchronization with different standard formats:
    GTC (Graitec BIM file), IFC, SNDF, PSS, CIS/2, DXF, etc.

For loadings, climatic and seismic actions generation is also automated:

  • 2D & 3D climatic generator for wind and snow effects, CAD tools to fine-tune an imported model (check control, magnetic nodes, auto trim & extend, projection on plane...)
  • Seismic spectrum generator
  • Time history analysis wizard, etc.

International codes

Advance Design integrates the latest Eurocode publications with several national appendixes (Concrete, Steel and Timber design) and North American codes (Concrete and Steel design):

  • Automatic generation of seismic spectra according to EC8
  • Climatic loads on single roofs, multiple roofs, opened buildings and snow accumulation on roofs with negative slope
  • Complete management of load cases and families combinations, through a concomitance matrix
  • Fire design for concrete elements and steel profiles
  • Steel connections design according to EC3
  • Timber design according to EN1995-1-1 and EN1995-1-2
  • Open structures management according to EN1991-1-4
  • Steel and Reinforcement concrete design according to Eurocode, Canadian (CSA) and North American (ACI) standards
  • German, English, French, Slovak, Polish, Czech, Romanian national annexes for EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC5 and EC8
  • Automatic generation of seismic spectra according to Canadian (CNBC2010/CNBC2015) and North American (ASCE-7/2010) standards
  • Italian standards for reinforced concrete and steel frames (NTC2008)
  • Traffic loads on bridges according to EN 1991-2

Competitive meshing and finite elements calculation

Wide range of linear element types: pre-stressed cables, ties, gaps, etc.

  • Advanced meshing engine: "grid" or Delaunay mesh algorithm, finite elements with 3, 4, 6 or 9 nodes, progressive meshing, refinement tools, global mesh parameters
  • Static, dynamic, non-linear analyses, large displacements, generalized buckling, etc.
  • Extended solver capabilities due to enhanced memory management
  • Boundary conditions on planar elements (membranes, plates, shells) -> possibility to define a total or partial release.
  • Multi-core finite elements engine.
  • Automatic extension of lintels over walls modelled as shells.
  • Full 64 bits application.





Results processing

  • Automated post-processing and updating of all result types (finite elements, reinforced concrete, steelwork) within a fully integrated environment
  • Several post-processing methods: graphical results, result curves, stresses diagrams, calculation reports
  • Recording of graphical animation, either of the input model or the analysis model
  • Fully customizable design reports: styles, tables and graphical images, cover sheet, user input text, linked documents, etc.
  • Automatic peak smoothing zones above columns and point supports
  • Torsors post-processing on linear footings
  • Table with Storey drift on concrete buildings
  • Internal forces clipping options useful for industrial Concrete, Steel and Timber buildings
  • Advanced tools to post process the stresses on sections
  • Post-processing grid on planar elements with user settings independent from the mesh size

Reinforced Concrete Design

  • The "design template" concept allows for the grouping of elements by their design properties: concrete quality, cracking hypotheses, concrete cover, etc.
  • Calculation of theoretical reinforcement sections of linear and planar elements
  • Determination of 3D interaction curves on an arbitrary section
  • Obtainment of the theoretical reinforcement ratios
  • Global design reports include the "concrete" results
  • Detailed crack width analysis and concrete-steel stress calculation according to real reinforcement on beams and columns.
  • Detailed crack width verification on plates
  • Automatic cracked inertia calculation
  • New Baumann method for reinforcement design on planar elements
  • Detailed design reports
  • Detailed punching verification on slabs
  • Capacity design check

Advance Design witnessed a great technological evolution, to be able to accommodate the GRAITEC BIM Designers modules, specifically, the three modules for the design of reinforced concrete beams, columns and footings.
Users can continue to design and generate the reinforcement of concrete elements outside Advance Design, or use them completely integrated into the finite element platform:

Steel Design

  • Connection design according to Eurocode 3 and American codes
  • "Design Template" concept to group elements by design properties (buckling lengths, lateral-torsional buckling restraints, deflections, durability and fire resistance, etc.)
  • Shape optimization through automated calculation cycles
  • Detailed shape sheets providing article reference, formulas and intermediate values
  • All design checks and graphical results included in the global report.

Advance BIM Designers - Steel Structure Designer integration: with an extensive range of building definitions and tools, this application allows users to configure complete steel structures in seconds.


Steel Structure Designer main features:

  • Configuring the number of levels / bays in each level / rows in each bay;
  • Defining the portal width/height, roof type, beam number, slope, alignment;
  • Adjusting side bracing, side rails, purlins and aligning gable posts;
  • Creating curved roofs and roof bracings.

Steel Connection Designer - 2D joints

The module for connection design according to Eurocode 3, Steel Connection Design, is perfectly integrated into Advance Design and allows the design of the following connections:

  • Fixed and pinned base plates
  • Moment end plate
  • Apex haunch
  • Clip angles
  • Gusset plate

This next generation module includes detailed reports for various connection types, including formulae and references to the standards.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Series | Connection Designer GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Series | Connection Designer GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Series | Connection Designer GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Series | Connection Designer GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers | Steel Series | Connection Designer

Advance Design Connection – 3D joints

Advance Design Connection – 3D joints Advance Design Connection – 3D joints

Advance Design Connection – 3D joints Advance Design Connection – 3D joints

Advance Design Connection is a unique version of IDEA StatiCa Connection, rebranded and tailor-made for GRAITEC users in all territories where Graitec operates.
It’s an innovative solution based in finite elements that allows to dsign according to Eurocode 3 and AISC any kind of solution in a few minutes.

  • Any typology

* No limits in how many connections in the joint

* Any type of joint, any kind of geometry

  • Any loading

* All forces are analyzed

* Interactions between all the beams and connections taken in account

  • In minutes

* The whole design and check is kept short to be part of everyday work

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