A simpler and faster automated meshing of complex structures


Meshing is an essential operation for the design calculation with the finite elements method. It separates the design elements in finite elements to refine the calculation results.

The extended mesh capabilities of Advance Design allow you to apply and refine the meshing of each design element, and results in a quality analysis of your design.


Advanced control of global meshing

  • 2 meshing algorithms: Delaunay and Grid
  • Ability to mesh solely by triangles, by quadrangles or using a combination of mesh shapes
  • Include the loads in the meshing process
  • Definition of default mesh elements size



Extended capabilities for application of local mesh parameters

Progressive mesh at the beginning, end, center or at both ends of design elements

Different meshing parameters for each side of planar elements

Apply the desired mesh using geometric objects (lines, polylines, points)

Various display options of the meshed design


  • Display mesh on the entire design or on a selection
  • Display / hide nodes, mesh IDs, number of meshes
  • Define the mesh node size
  • Display the mesh along with different rendering styles and display parameters (perspective view, shadow, luminosity, transparency, etc.)

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