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GRAITEC Advance Workshop is a purpose-built, easy-to-use Steel Fabrication Management Information System (MIS) designed to give steel fabricators complete control over every stage of production. Manage stock, traceability, labour and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs - ultimately optimizing your total business performance.

GRAITEC Advance Workshop manages CNC Machinery and individual workforce alike making it adaptable to the needs of steel fabricators of all sizes and maturity.


Metallurgica Piemontese (MPL) s.r.l. is a large Steel Service Centre in Italy, responsible for mass production and distribution of steel beams. Choosing GRAITEC Advance Workshop MIS solution allowed complete control over the whole workshop.

Dr. Alessio Ortolan, CEO of MAEG Spa: "MAEG Construction group is a company working in the world of structural steel in the medium-heavy sector. [...] Our vision is complete 360 degree internationalization. [...] With this in mind, our partnership with GRAITEC has been fundamental."

Import individual NC files or entire projects and visualize each part as a fully detailed sketch with hole and weld information. Excellent for checking weld-preparations and potential errors. Export options enable multiple NC files to be converted to NC DXF files or exportedto an Excel spread sheet.

Control, manage and optimize your steel fabrication

With direct links to import data from all major 3D Steel BIM software, including Autodesk Advance Steel, or from Excel, ERP systems or even manually, combined with drivers for major equipment manufacturers, GRAITEC Advance Workshop is an extremely versatile well-rounded steel fabrication management solution. Take a closer look at the software features:

 Information Manager
  • BIM Interoperability

Load, sort and manage BIM project data from multiple CAD/BIM sources with bi-directional link with Autodesk Advance Steel.


  • Support for multiple file formats

Import, sort and manage multiple industry standard digital production formats including: CAM, PCS, DXF, CSV, XLS, BOM, DTSV, NC, NC1...

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  • Compatible with all 3D steel detailing systems

Load data generated from any BIM/CAD system such as Autodesk Advance Steel, Bentley ProSteel3D, Tekla Structure, Aveva BOCAD, StruCAD, SDS/2, TechoMetal, and many others, as well as import NC, BOM or Excel data or even link directly to your ERP system to make Advance Workshop an integrated part of your business workflow.


  • Create parts on the fly from libraries

Built-in templates for standard plate shapes and profiles enable parts to be created on the fly and allows imported parts to be edited. All aspects of plate/beam elements, including holes and welds, can be edited directly within Advance Workshop.

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  • Document manager simplifies control and traceability

Controlling associated project documentation, drawings, weld data and more, is an important part of your company’s quality and traceability across whole fabrication process.

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  • Advanced Part & assembly viewer and editor

View and edit parts with the built-in 2D & 3D viewer and part sketch creator. Tune production information by part or globally such as weld preparations and part marks to match your capabilities.

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  • Apply advanced welld preparations for all situations

Apply advanced weld preparations to plate and section edges to properly prepare parts for welding and provide accurate data for machinning.

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  • Secure and set user-rights control

Set rights for many users as is needed based on individual roles, department functions or management access.

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  • Automated production data error checking

Production data is checked on import for errors and against pre-defined filters for production capability to detect any problems before fabrication begins.

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  • Subcontracting and outsourcing work

Specialist services supplied by others can be easily defined so jobs can be quickly highlighted at the start and easily allocated or enquires sent to individual or multiple contractors.

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Fabrication Manager
  • Virtual workshop refines processes

Define and manage every stage of your production process down to the minute detail to ensure an optimized and efficient workshop.

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  • Intelligent part routing

Jobs parts are intelligently routed across the workshop production facility covering both CNC machines and manual work areas, including assembly, painting and loading.

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  • Detecting specialist weld methods or requirements

Easily define, detect and manage multiple welder specializations and workloads based on their certification.

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  • Material movement time monitoring

Materials and parts movements are tracked as they move through the workshop to provide cleara data of ensure optimium routing.


  • Assembly parts delivered just-in-time for fabrication

Parts associated with an assembly are tracked to all arrive at the welder for just-in-time fabrication.


  • Controlled logistics and loading

Manage multiple logistics suppliers and control muliple job deliveries by part, assembly, lot, phase, weight, size...


  • Analyse your production

Optimize your production, and analyse all production processes, each step, facilities, time and costs inside your factory.

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  • Compare and analyse your post-production

Compare your production by tracking processing time for each station and each actions/processe, with the ability to fine-tune of each work-center.

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  • Report your production

Production reports are selected, filtered, display and report data by period, machine, project… and provoide it on your own presentation, on paper page, PDF file, XLS file or XML ...

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  • Track Production and project Status

How to track Production Status from early ordering stages, to production status at any step, work center and individual parts, delivery tracking and all the way to being loaded on the transport truck to the erection site status.

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  • Follow a project from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Centrally manage progress for each stage of production and provide dedicated instruction sheets for each process including cutting, drilling, punching, welding, painting and vehicle loading according to your processes definition and request.

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Stock Manage
  • Traceability ensures quality and control

Meet local compliancy standards with end-to-end traceability including suppliers and welding certificates. Legacy checking by item to track origin, process, interaction, history, location, or application.


  • Complete inventory management for stock and consumables

Comprehensive stock management capabilities including suppliers, material certificates, pre-commitments, delivery date, waste tracking and reuse of remnants, A 'Real-time’ stock database is easily configured and can connect to the nesting or ERP links module. Efficient stock control allows you to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It ensures that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, and protects production if problems arise with the supply chain.


  • Create and manage purchase orders

Centralized purchasing avoids duplication and makes tracking of POs easier, and in case with a direct access and connection with your ERP.

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  • Managed supply chain

Work with and keep track of orders and deliveries from multiple suppliers with the possibility to connect directly with your ERP.


  • Allocate inventory and find right element on right place with right datas

Efficient stock control allows you to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. Manage your stock to know where is based, for what is done, asign precomitments, reserve and prioritize stock allocation by project, type, grade,...


  • Manage remnants material and reduce your stock

Keep track of remnants material, after plate or bar nesting for optimized reuse.


  • Create and print a stock list by selection

Stock lists can be printed help to keep track of different materials, grades and remnants and show how much stock you have at any one time, and how you keep track of it.

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  • Track and centralize certificats

Define and manage every kind of documents and ensure an optimized and efficient tracking of supplier and material certificates.

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Bar Nesting
  • Automatically optimized material nesting with the flexibility of manual override

Powerfull nesting functionality deliver substantial savings in seconds and automatically selects optimum bars from stock and produces detailed cutting plans to minimize bars needed and reduce material wastage. Handles multiple stock sizes and parts consolidation.

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Work Center tasks (Man & Machine)
  • Supports all major CAM machines

CAM processors deliver the CNC data for the required process covering all aspects of production for all major steel CNC machine manufacturers.

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  • Read your factory activity facility

Connect CAM machines for real-time progress updates (subject to machine type)


  • Create and edit works order

Create and edit works orders and to take advantage of these process electronically creating and assigning work orders to your facilities and processes.You can choose the model that best suits your to suit your facilities and processes or create your own format.

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  • Keep optimize and precise assembling

Ensure individual parts arrive at the right fabricator when needed. Provide custom fabrication that meets your individual needs. ... The fabrication manager can get the job done right, ensuring your parts or product to ensure your fabrication job is done to your exact parts and specifications. In manufacturing, precision is a must for smooth operation.

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  • Connect all your CAM machine

Add CAM processors for CNC machines as needed, and cover all aspects of production for all major steel CNC machine manufacturers.


  • Optimize your production control and includ all manual work

Add and displays the current status and prompts manual activity with telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their relation.


  • Optimize your production control and add all additional CAM center

Add and include all CAM center connection for real-time progress updates (subject to machine type and capacity) and offer the most efficience production

Lists generator and BarCode Manager
  • Improve and simplify input with Barcode management

Improves data accuracy by eliminating manual input at all stages. ... Simplify with an easy-to-use visual collected data. You can generate your own barcodes for assets, technicians, warehouse locations and parts.


  • Create quickly an optimized cutting list

Building a simple cutting lists manually, but create a good list takes some work. Here, the list described, contains all the information needed to estimate costs, waste production and guide selection of stock at the yard, for your workshop or supplier. The cutting list contains the finished dimensions for each part in a project(or multi-project). It also will help to ensure you don’t forget any parts when you’re planning your work

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  • Easily configure, customize and tune lists and reports

To access your production reports, Easily configure, customize and tune lists and forms to suite your business workflow. Display and report production data with your own presentation, from a printing page, to a PDF file, XLS spreedsheet or XML ...

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  • Create and print a loading/delivery list

We have minimized the effort to do this so you can print the data you need with only two clicks. This is a very useful timesaver if you have to print packing lists for orders, or want to include documents and labels in your shipments. With this feature you can also customize the info that gets printed on the packing list. You can set custom company details, custom info which can include for example custom footer content, logos or barcode.


  • Track part and material with the label

Complete tracking control from stock lengths to parts to assemblies. Best way to track on labels, easy to ensure data accuracy and save time. Ask for a demo to see exactly how we can help.

Production Planner
  • Control your production planning

Having live information on demand with a simple graphical interface to access to accurate, quality data to ensure live and precise production.

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  • Optimize your detailled production datas

Manage and control your project workflow and production processes, sort by project / lot / phase / workcenter or even by part, to ensure optimized production.

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  • Connect your ERP with your production data

A 'Real-time’ database connection is easily configured and offer the possibility to connect or establish an ERP links, for stock management, order, delivery, invoicing or time management. Advance Workshop will simultaneously update the tracking data, and information will be automatically evaluated based on your policy and home ERP.


  • Intelligent and customizable Outsourcing Solutions

Predefine filters to quickly identify specialized works that would be done by external contractors, and simplify your outsourcing dispatch control.

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  • Advance DSTV viewer

Bring your DSTV NC files to life with the GRAITEC Advance Workshop DSTV Viewer. Import individual NC files or entire projects and visualize each part as a fully detailed sketch with hole and weld information. Excellent for checking weld-preparations and potential errors. Export options enable multiple NC files to be converted to NC DXF files or exported to an Excel spread sheet.

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In addition to being an active member of the DSTV and DXF standard association GRAITEC plays an involved role with our partners to ensure our software writes and interprets NC code that is 100% compatible with worldwide machinery manufacturers. The following manufacturers have confirmed their full compliance to the DSTV standard and are cooperating with us to further streamline your design to fabrication process:



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