Autodesk Collections

More value, more flexibility, more simplicity

Autodesk Industry Collections - flexible and convenient access the most essential Autodesk software for your industry.


A wide selection of essential software for your work

Does your product require more than one Autodesk product? Benefit from the best software selection for your industry!

Solutions for individuals or teams

Collections allow you to choose subscriptions with single-user access or multi-user access, in an easy and convenient manner.

Easily manage your software

With constant access to the latest software, you will be able to easily control license updates, procurement and management.

The technology you need

Take advantange of technology designed to continuously evolve, enabling access to new apps and cloud services for improved workflows.


One essential set of BIM tools for building design, civil infrastructure, and construction

High quality building and civil infrastructure projects

A single set of technologies and software tools helping you through all the phases of the building lifecycle
Interconnected workflows

Benefit from data continuity with interoperable design tools designed to meet the needs of every team member.
Innovative analysis, reality capture and rendering technologies

The collection includes innovative software and cloud technologies, providing insight into your design projects.
Access for the complete list of products included in the collection.


One essential set of design and engineering tools for product and factory design

Design unique projects with a complete Digital Prototyping workflow

Design innovative products using the latest design and engineering tools, including Inventor and AutoCAD®, all in a single collection.
Interconnected workflows

Professional, connected tools to help you design, test and manufacture competitive products.
Use innovation to your advantage

Access the newest cloud-based design tools and embrace the future with Fusion 360.
Access for the complete list of products included in the collection.


End-to-end creative tools for entertainment creation

Access the digital design tools you need to create compelling effects, believable 3D characters and complex digital worlds.
The tools of professionals: Maya and 3ds Max

Use the same 3D animation tools as top game creators and Holywood animation studios. Stay one step ahead with access to powerful, established tools, such as Maya® and 3ds Max®, and updates.
Complex projects

Rely on a rich 3D animation portfolio for complex, dinamic simulations, effects and renderings, allowing you to take on daring projects.
Access for the complete list of products included in the Media & Entertainment collection.

Advantages of Autodesk Collections

  • A complete range of products at a competitive price
  • Access to the most essential Autodesk tools for AEC
  • Reduced operational costs through the purchase of a complete, flexible software solutions set
  • Simplified license management
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Optimized IT expenses

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