Bespoke Software Solutions

Increased Business advantage, competitiveness and profitability

Purpose-built applications blend years of customer-side experience with cutting edge tech to deliver advanced productivity with automated intuition.

The GRAITEC R&D Center has extensive experience developing bespoke applications to meet the specific automation needs of SMEs and Blue Chip clients across all disciplines. Using the very latest programming techniques and cutting-edge technology, GRAITEC can deliver highly intuitive purpose-built applications for all types of uses. From fine-tuning Autodesk® software (AutoCAD®, Revit®, Inventor®,...) to developing high-end integrated business solutions, the GRAITEC R&D Center offers an assortment of on-demand software development services that engrain years of know-how to improve business performance, increase profitability and assure an unrivalled competitive advantage.

MillerCAD for HermanMiller

GRAITEC Bespoke Software Solutions | HermanMiller

Drag-and-drop 3D catalogues with built-in associativity ensures this sales-rep driven software delivers an unrivalled customer experience with real-time costings and stunning visualization. Designed to operate in the field, MillerCADsimplifies space-planning and complete office fit out.

Intelligent 3D furniture catalogues include design-driven associativity and hierarchy such to prevent mismatched combinations whilst auto-populating hidden fixtures and fittings that would take years of practical experience to master.

Catalogues include multiple representations simplifying drag-and-drop layouts from plan view whilst enabling full 3D visualisations of the proposed layout cycling through different material finishes. Live links to Herman Miller price list ensure up-to-the-minute running total is present during the initial design process to remain within the client's budget.

iExpert for SPIT

GRAITEC Bespoke Software Solutions | IExpert

In a highly competitive specialized industry French fastening system manufacturer, SPIT engaged with GRAITEC to develop the first-of-a-kind online client-side ordering system with 3D CAD interface.

The purpose of the application was to simplify the order process and make it more accessible to a wider audience to attract new customers. Users of the system are presented with an easy to use interactive CAD interface and are able to quickly create a digital 3D model of their requirement.

A key function of the process includes an integrated analysis engine which checks the proposed usage from the client 3D configured model and proposes the most appropriate fixings based on the defined parameters, complete with a fully formulated design report. This builds client confidence whilstminimizing the risk of ordering incorrect fixings.

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