Productivity add-on for Revit® bursting with tools for Architectural, Structural and MEP Designers








The GRAITEC PowerPack provides a broad suite of unique commands and functionality to significantly increase productivity when working with Autodesk® Revit®.

These practical, every-day utilities focus on speeding up modeling, simplifying family management, predefining annotations and enhanced external data-links for a dramatically improved BIM workflow.

For increased control and automation for Revit® users across all industries, this innovative add-on will run on top of Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Structure and Autodesk® Revit® MEP.

Featured tools

Collaboration & Interoperability
  • Advance Design Link
    • Open Revit® Project in Advance Design



  • Export Sheets to DWG  


  • Background Model tools  
    • Before linking a Revit project, easily purge it and automatically transfer projects standards and levels coming from this link to Revit project host.
Links with Excel


  • Worksheet to DXF  
    • Connects Excel worksheets to current Revit® project by inserting a linked and scalable DXF that auto-updates when project is opened


  • Key Parameter
    • Assign custom parameters to Revit® Families via Excel
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Annotations, Symbols & Tags
  • Compute Volume
    • Displays the volume of selected objects


  • Center of Gravity
    • Calculates the Center of Gravity of selected objects
    • Watch video


  • Stair Line
    • Adds directional stair-lines to any shaped stair view
    • Watch video


  • Insert Tag


  • Text Case 
    • Instantly change the case type of all or selected text
    • Watch video


  • Window Sill Tag 
    • Adds a tag displaying the sill height and opening size
    • Watch video


  • Pipe Description Tag 
    • Adds a pipe description tag


  • Pipe Thickness 
    • Adds a tag showing pipe wall thickness


  • Room floor type and Finish 
    • Adds a tag with room floor type and material finish

Legends & Schedules
  • Legends  
    • Design and create dynamic custom legends to fit standard paper size
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  • Exclude/Include in Schedules 
    • Get full control of what is included or excluded from Schedules


  • Door Side
    • Add door swing parameters to all doors for more accurate scheduling
    • Watch video


  • Edit Mark
    • Modify the mark parameter for selected elements using formulas to add prefixes or change numbering sequence
    • Watch video
  • Auto Dimension
    • Creates a set of dimension lines for walls and grids
    • Watch video


  • Dimension Preferences Configuration
    • Set the number, style and distance between dimensioning lines


  • Join Dimensions
    • Joins individual dimensions to a single chain
    • Watch video


  • Quick Dimension
    • Converts an intersecting line to a dimension string
    • Watch video

Sheets & Views
  • 3D View creator


  • Auto Section Box  
    • Automatically generates a new 3D view of selected elements



  • View Sheet Generator
    • Automatically creates views and associated templates
    • Watch video


  • Create views   
    • Easily and quickly create floor, ceiling and structural plan, with view templates.

  • Element Geometry Parameters
    • Easily edit geometry parameters of Column Height, Beam Elevation, Wall Height & Thickness, Slab Elevation, Lintel/Sill Elevation
    • Watch video


  • Element Coordinates  
    • Add coordinate details in element properties list
Family Management
  • Family Manager 
    • Graphically browse, search and load your families in a single window + Launch Family Editor
    • Read more
    • Watch video


  • Family Exporter  
    • Batch exports selected Families to any folder
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Family Security
  • Watermark Manager

File Manager
  • File Updater
    • Batch update all your project files to a later version
    • Watch video
Everyday Productivity Tools
  • 3D CAD to RFA  
    • Convert 3D CAD files to Revit® Families with update feature
    • Watch video


  • Move XY
    • Allows elements to be moved in X & Y direction together
    • Watch video


  • Ribbon Customization
    • Manage and organize your PowerPack tools Ribbon
    • Watch video


  • Split Pipes
    • Batch process all pipes and ducts to specified lengths
    • Watch video


  • Windows  
    • Simplified arranging of active windows with auto-tile and center-view options
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  • Join & Unjoin geometry  
    • By creating rules between categories (floor, wall, foundations...), automatically generate clean intersection on the whole views or models.


  • Pipe Insulation   
    • Automatically assigns Insulation to the systems based on parameters, or assigns a specific value


  • Structural Modelling   
    • Check errors in the analytic model, and correct them using ergonomic features as trim, extend, stretch.
Visibility Tools
  • Category Visibility  
    • Tick-box window to view/hide single elements or entire categories in model view
    • Watch video


  • 3D Displacement
    • Creates an exploded or displaced model view
    • Watch video

  • Number Everything    
    • Generic numbering/renumbering tool covers grids, levels, rooms, structural elements, ducts, doors, elements creation direction from source to end
    • Read more

Manage Element Openings
  • Join Openings  
    • Allows multiple openings to be combined in the same host element


  • Pipe Openings in Structural elements
    • Automatically create holes in intersecting elements to accommodate pipe/duct runs
    • Read more

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